Nomad Space

The majority of this series was composed by passing lines through grid vertices in a variety of continuous motions. These arabesque lines record a variety of movements with endless possibilities.
The term "Nomad Space" refers to intersecting travels across, through, and around points. The assertion is movement and connections, not destinations, are the true creative and productive force. The term is taken from the writings by Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, “A Thousand Plateaus - capitalism and schizophrenia”. While making these paintings I felt a relationship to the ideas in the book,
    “…interconnectivity is primal. Creativity is the result of co-        mingling factors in a flowing network of natural processes rather than a singular act, none of which can be attributed to    originality, personality, DNA, or genius.”
       I constructed wood panels and applied thin veils of paint. The series is made up of three large panels,“MAH”, “SOO”, “IHM”(eem), and a series of smaller panels. Each panel has an underpainting of varying grid patterns and color schemes, like a game board.
The titles of each work come from syllables, and are more synonym than metaphor. Like sound, which moves and changes through time and space .