Shows and Exhibitions
2018    Kurt Brantner Gallery, Carlisle, PA
             “Wintry Mix” - Metropolis Collective, Mechanicsburg, PA
2017     “Nomad Space” - HACC, Gettysburg Campus
              “Transform” - Sykes gallery, Millersville University, Millersville, PA
               Solo Exhibition - “Nomad Space”, Metropolis Collective,                                           Mechanicsburg, PA
               Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center, Harrisburg, PA
               Allenberry Resort - Boiling Springs, PA
               “Art of the State” - State Museum of PA, Harrisburg, PA
2016      “Nomad Space” - paintings, Cafe 1500, Harrisburg, PA
               “Urban Legends” - Metropolis Collective, Mechanicsburg, PA
2015      New Abstraction - “Three Select” Metropolis Collective,     

               Mechanicsburg,  PA
      - “Chill, Funk, Zen”
2014     10x10 Artist Invitational, St. John’s College, The Mitchell Gallery,     

               Annapolis, MD
               Art in the Wild, Wildwood Nature Center, outdoor sculpture show,     

               Dauphin, PA
2013     Metropolis Collective, Mechanicsburg, PA
2009     Represented by Progressive Gallery, Lancaster, PA
2008     Artist Invitational, Art Association of Harrisburg
2006     Represented by 2nd Floor Gallery, Mechanicsburg, Pa
2005     Art of the State, State Museum of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, PA
              Artsfest, Harrisburg, Pa.
              Manayunk Arts Festival, Manayunk, PA
              Mt. Gretna Festival of the Arts, Mt. Gretna, PA.
              SyraCU Arts, Syracuse, NY
              Berkshire Arts, Great Barrington, MA
2004     Artsfest Harrisburg, PA, Kipona Riverfest, Harrisburg, PA
              CowParade Harrisburg, Harrisburg,PA
2003     Artsfest Harrisburg, PA, Kipona Riverfest
              Small Works Show, Pace Gallery, Pace University, New York, NY
2002     Sykes Gallery, Millersville University , Millersville,PA.
              Art Association of Harrisburg, Artists Invitational
2001     4th Chautauqua National Exhibition of American Art, Chautauqua, NY.
              Carrera Gallery, Flagler College, St. Augustine, FL.
2000     Doshi Center for Contemporary Art, Susquehanna Art Museum,         

1999     Art of the State, 3rd place sculpture, State Museum of Pennsylvania,     

              Harrisburg, PA.
              International Juried Exhibition, Art Association of Harrisburg,     

              Harrisburg, PA.
1997     M.F.A Thesis Exhibition, Fox Gallery, Maryland Institute, College of Art,                  Baltimore,MD
1995     The Olga Hirschhorn Scholarship Competition, 1995, Honorable

              Mention, The National

              Society of Arts and Letters, Washington D.C



School District of Mentor on the Lake OH
Bales Collection NJ/NC
Flagler College, St. Augustine, FL
24 Cathedral Place, St Augustine, FL
HACC, Gettysburg, PA
Case University Department of Art and Architecture
Law Offices, Terminal Tower, Cleveland, OH

Flagler College, St. Augustine, FL                              1982-1986    Bachelor of Arts - Visual Art/Business Administration        

Case Western Reserve University                             1988-1989
Cleveland Institute of Art - Cleveland, OH    
Master of Arts - Art Education

Maryland Institute, College of Art - Baltimore, MD  1994-1997
Master of Fine Arts - Sculpture

The Barnstone Studio course                                       2017 - present
Drawing, Painting and Design

Current Community Affiliation and Memberships
Metropolis Collective - exhibiting artist and collective advisor
Art Association of Harrisburg - 29 year member, faculty 1990 - 2000
PA. Art Educators Association - past secretary, member
Educational Policy Leadership Council Fellow - Arts Leadership
Set Designer for Cumberland Valley Musical
Artistic Expressions - Founder, 14 district student art exhibit
The Barnstone Studio - “Impaling Wall” critique group

Collections - Private
Richard Reilly and Hannah Dobek, PA
John and Nancy Nagle, PA
Michael and Leslie Spector, MN
Enzo Torcoletti, FL/ Italy
Steven Boerema, FL
Bo Sterk collection, FL
Amanda Poindexter, PA
Clyde and Barbara McGeary, PA
John Catalano, PA
David and Harriet Christman, NY
Peter Andersen, Sweden
Michael Weidner, PA
Barbara Warfel, PA
The Kennedy Family, PA
Luis and Gabrielle Etchinique, FL/ESP
Andrew Stoner, AZ

My studio work explores the figurative and the abstract. The play between these two spheres of expression is where I engage with materials and technique to experiment. Through experimentation with traditional and non-traditional means I continually find avenues to myself. I am connected with sculpture through my earliest experiences with art in college and continue to work from the figure in carving and modeling. While I always draw to design sculpture and explore ideas, painting came as a necessity to find means of broader artistic exploration.  

The figure in sculpture, to me, is the most direct relationship in art. I carve figures influenced by folk art and deadpan minimalist aesthetics. As a form of modernism and contemporary realism the figures resonate humanistic primal expression of untrained artists and with the contextual reality of the thingness of objects. They also focus on the every man, the essence of being human and are made to express the feeling of innocent belief reminiscent of folk and outsider art. The mark of the tool and the color of daily life go into these carvings. I follow sculptors Bruno Walpoth, Stephan Balkenhol, and Willy Verginer, all who work in wood. I also have affection for Japanese artists like Katsura Funakoshi. As a collector of tribal work I am influenced by the directness of masks and figures in African carving as well as surfaces achieved in that art.
A series of drawings and paintings called “Nomad Space” from 2015 was the catalyst for a show I curated of abstract painters from across the country for Metropolis Gallery in Mechanicsburg. “Nomad Space” explores the immediacy of drawing and is a conceptually satisfying way to return to painting and drawing. They are documents of physical action played out through a system of parameters. To explore graphic invention with two elements, line and a gridded space, “Nomad Space” are a composition of intersecting arcs loosely aligned to the vertices of a grid. It’s an invention of line, color as a closed system of writing within the rectangle. Each drawing documents my arm and wrist movements as I comply with a few rules.  
I used oil paint and graphite on hand made wood panels. By drawing pages of variations on the rules, I produced scores of small drawings. Each drawing had to be made with fluid continuous lines which pass through vertices on the grid. In the paintings I repeated the movements faster and faster and the lines would grow thicker and contain the speed of the mark. Some drawings become paintings where scale and color are new issues to account for in making the image. The titles of each work come from syllabic sound, like tones of a mantra. “Mah”, “Soo”, “Eem” are three that relate to my meditation mantra. Because sound is a constant moving and changing vibration through time and space it is a perfect metaphor for these images.
The title "Nomad Space" refers to intersecting travels across, through, and around points. Movement and connections, not destinations, are the true creative and productive force. The term is taken from the writings by Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, “A Thousand Plateaus - capitalism and schizophrenia”. While making these paintings I felt a relationship to the ideas in the book about how interconnectivity is primal. That creativity is a flowing network of natural processes rather than a singular act, the result of co-mingling factors, not a singularity attributed to originality, personality, DNA, or genius.
In painting it is so natural to build narrative, transcend time and space, and portray human experience in ways other mediums cannot. A series of landscape paintings done in 2013, called “Conodoguinet”, present awareness of place, sensation and representation as it relates to the landscape through simultaneous points of view. A point of view of an observer in the landscape is one way we experience land.  Maps, GPS, Google Earth are other points of view. Inspired by walks around where we live in Huston’s Mill, along the Conodoguinet Creek. The paintings depict several ways the creek winds through the eastern part of Cumberland County to the Susquehanna river. I used collage to sketch a unified image that represents the landscape in maps and photographs. The sketches inspired two large 50”x 50” canvases. The third was a meditation on the Sycamore tree as a foil to the expressive power of an oncoming storm.
In art the most exciting moments for me have been confronting unfamiliar materials or processes. In time, when it becomes familiar I try to find another unfamiliar situation.
These works record thoughts, ideas and moments in time and serve as a meditation. Making art has become habit, necessity and integral to who I am. If anything the work documents a struggle for an identity. A rejection of one given and the search for a true identity. However in my search, I did not find an identity whole to be assumed, it had to be pieced together, bit by bit, experiment by experiment.

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